14-10-1952 I was born in Recklinghausen/Germany as son of Heinz & Heidi Tannenberg. After school I joint the army.

1973 - 1978 I studied Fine Arts and Art Therapy at the "Freie Kunststudienstätte Ottersberg" (Northern Germany)

1979 - 1982 Teacher at the "Freizeitschule Mannheim-Neckarau". It was a creative school for children and grown ups in a problematic social area of Mannheim. Most I had to work in the afternoon, evening and sometimes in the weekends. I was engaged in the development of the conception and the planning of the schoolhouse.

1982 I opened in Kusel (Germany) a little recordstore and gallery for young artists out of the region and of cause for my own art. I gave free lessons in drawing for young people who were interested in doing art-works. Parallel to that my art was presented in exhibitions in Kusel, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Recklinghausen.

1984 The "Internationale Künstlerbörse Frankfurt" a gallery with inter- national contact also presented for one year several of my paintings and drawings in Frankfurt and in Italy. In that year a friend of mine told me about a free job as art therapist in the "Ruhr area" a mining and indus- trial region in the middle west of Germany. It was a psychiatric station for young people in an antroprosophical hospital in Herdecke.

1985 I got the job and me, my wife Margrit and my daughters Nina and Mara had to move into the Ruhr area. I'm still working there with young people in the age from 12 to 26 years with different psychic problems. We are working sculptures with soapstone, alabaster, sandstone and marble.

2008                "Chicken Gods and other creatures"

   Objects, Sculptures and paintings out of 30 years of my artwork

an exhibition at the gallery of the "Alfred-Schmidt-Haus" in Gelsenkirchen